Autism Angels

Autism Angels offers support to parents and children with autism.

Using Equine Facilitated Coaching, Autism Angels aims to improve the lives of all autistic children whilst working closely with parents and professionals to provide the support they need.

With centres in both the North and South of England, Autism Angels host a range of events and activities. They are keen to promote the fact that the whole family is welcome, including siblings and grandparents, to ensure everyone feels they are getting the support they need to live full lives together.

Some of the programmes and events they offer include:

  • Mini Mentoring
  • Enrichment Days
  • Family Fun Days
Autism Angels

We’re donating £250 to Autism Angels to help organise a day out for the children.

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Why did we choose Autism Angels?

We were already aware of Autism Angels as a Leeds-based charity, however, we were so pleased to see a high number of nominations come through for this charity and we think they are very deserved of a place in our top 40 shortlisted charities.

We hope our donation will help to organise a day out for the children.

Jonathan Wearing, Managing Partner