Charlie’s Angel Centre

Charlie’s Angel Centre offers support to bereaved parents and families in Yorkshire.

Charlie’s Angel Centre is a Yorkshire charity helping bereaved parents and families.

After losing their own child, Charlie Arthur Curtis, in 2012, Charlie’s family realised that there was little support for grieving families and this inspired them to set up Charlie’s Angel Centre to help support others whilst raising awareness of the needs of a bereaved parent.

In the future they hope to open a bereavement centre that will be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with direct access to bereavement counsellors.

The Prince of Wales Hospice

We’re donating £250 to Charlie’s Angel Centre to help support bereaved parents and families.

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Why did we choose Charlie’s Angel Centre?

Our Head of Clinical Negligence, James Thompson, and his team have a close relationship with the Charlie’s Angel Centre and they were only too happy to nominate them. In addition, we had a flurry of external nominations for this local Leeds-based charity.

We are proud to be able to include Charlie’s Angel Centre in #TheBig40.

Jonathan Wearing, Managing Partner