Sunshine & Smiles

Sunshine & Smiles is the Leeds Down Syndrome support network.

Founded by a small group of parents in Leeds, Sunshine & Smiles was the first Down syndrome network support group to be launched in the area. Since then the charity has helped to provide a vital role in the community with activities and events as well as offering support to families and children with Down syndrome through hospital visits.

A donation of £250 will buy all their fruit and milk for group sessions for a year.

Sunshine and Smiles

We’re donating £250 to Sunshine & Smiles to help provide fruit and milk for their group sessions.

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Why did we choose Sunshine & Smiles?

As one of our most nominated charities, we had no hesitation in choosing Sunshine & Smiles for #TheBig40 campaign and making them a shortlisted charity.

We are pleased to be able to provide a donation that will help provide fruit and milk for their group sessions for a whole year.

Jonathan Wearing, Managing Partner